How to Enrol @ Lawnton Kindy

You may place your child's name on a waiting list for kindy at Lawnton from the day they are born. We invite all prospective parents/carers and children to visit our centre during office hours for a look around the centre and a chat.

Work hard to keep our kindy fees low. We consistently have amongst the lowest kindy fees in our area.

In Queensland, children in the kindy eligible age group turn 4 before 30 June in their year of kindy enrolment.

Our enrolment process begins in June-July of the year before enrolment. In the first instance, families on the waiting list will be emailed our fee and session information, and an invitation to bring their child for a fun play date at kindy. Please advise us if your contact details change, or if you have not received your offer.

Place offers are emailed after the play date. Email response and payment of an enrolment fee secures your child's place.

Being on the list has its advantages. We keep our waiting list families up to date with what's happening at kindy, and have a range of events that we invite families on our waiting lists to attend, including:

  • Under 8's Day - May
  • Lawnton Kindy Open Day - June
  • Lawnton Kindy Fun Day - August
  • Get to know kindy Play Dates - Term 1, 2 and 3

Orientation Day is the first day of kindy for each group and is designed for parents and children to come to kindy together. Parents have the opportunity to be a part of their child's first kindy day, and speak with the teachers, and the children feel more comfortable meeting their new kindy friends with Mum or Dad close by. Parents and children are introduced to the routine for their kindy group together, creating a positive experience which is then built upon.

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