Our Teachers

We believe it is important that every child receive the best educational experience possible during their kindy year. Each Lawnton Kindergarten group is led by a university qualified teacher and a qualified teacher's assistant (certificate III minimum). In addition to their formal qualifications, all our teachers are experienced and caring, which makes them comprehensively suited to guiding the children's learning & development during the important kindy year.

Our minimum 1:11 staff to child ratio is strictly maintained at all times. All teaching staff hold current Senior First Aid Certificates, asthma and anaphylaxis certificates and Blue Cards or Exemptions.

In the Classroom

For many children, the kindy year is their first exposure to formal education.

The experiences children have at kindy should be interesting, engaging and positive. This teaches children through their own experiences that learning is fun, and lays the foundation for a love of learning they will take with them to primary school, high school and beyond.

A wonderful, caring and engaging kindy teacher is where a lifelong love of learning begins.