About Us

Why Choose Community Kindy?

With many long day care centres offering Kindergarten Approved Programs, many parents are unsure about the difference between day care and a specialist kindergarten program at a community kindy. At Lawnton Kindergarten, our distinct points of difference include:


Every child has the benefits of a consistent sessional program. The same group of children attend the same days each week, with the same teachers and educators. Lawnton Kindy children have the opportunity to build strong, stable relationships in a consistent and supportive environment.


Community kindy is excellent preparation for school. Our kindy programs include routines similar to those found in Prep classrooms. A wide range of skills are practiced, developed and nurtured at kindy, including fine and gross motor, early literacy and numeracy and social and emotional development.


Our teachers are experienced, university educated (min. 4 year qualification) and registered with the Queensland College of Teachers. All educators are experienced and passionate about play and enquiry based learning and inspiring children to be their best self.


We are a not-for-profit kindy
Any government funding profit and fund-raising income is used to enhance and improve the centre for the benefit of the children and the community. No profits go to owners, investors or third parties.


We encourage parents to participate in their child’s kindy year in a variety of ways, to a level they are comfortable with. The social aspect of community kindy means that parents have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friendships as well.


Lawnton Kindy went through assessment and rating most recently in 2018. We have been rated as Exceeding the National Quality Standard in all seven quality areas:

Educational program & practice
Children’s health & safety
Physical Environment
Staffing arrangements
Relationships with children
Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
Governance and leadership

Visit the Federal Government’s Starting Blocks website for more information.

Kids Reading

Our Philosophy

We believe that prior to starting school (the Kindy year), it is an important time for establishing the foundations for a love of learning that will last a lifetime. We believe that it is important for children to develop a strong sense of self worth, a positive self-image, feel valued and have a sense of belonging. Learning is meant to be fun and play is the fundamental medium for children’s learning. Children are active learners and are intrinsically motivated to learn. They have the ability to reach their own potential. We believe that children’s learning is best promoted in an environment of partnerships – between child, teachers, parents and the wider community.

Centre Goals

To foster the development in each child of a love of learning

To create an atmosphere of trust, security and comfort

To provide an enriched and stimulating environment to meet the needs of the whole child, including the physical, emotional, social, cognitive and creative self

To promote the uniqueness and individual worth of each child by focusing on assets and strengths
To work with the child, staff, parents and the wider community to provide the learning experiences that meet the needs of each child

Our Centre

Lawnton Kindy is a two unit, purpose-built centre that has been designed to cater to the developmental and educational needs of children in the kindergarten age group. As a Community Kindergarten, we are overseen by a management committee of parents who are responsible for making decisions in our children and community’s best interest.

Outside Space

Our centre boasts a spacious and engaging, natural outdoor play space, with an emphasis on the natural environment and sustainability. Play equipment is highly customisable, allowing it to be changed to suit the program, and keep children engaged. There is a generous sand pit area, and separate dirt pit with a manual water pump. Raised vegetable gardens sit outside each unit, and composting and worm farms help teach children about recycling.

There is an outdoor stage area for dramatic play, and bike track complete with scooters and trikes! Softfall is underfoot around the main play equipment and swings, with large, naturally grassed areas between the different play areas, just great for running! Shady trees and sails complete the outdoor space, which is, of course, fully enclosed and secured.

Indoor Space

Each unit has a spacious and shaded pergola which bridges the outdoor and indoor spaces. Inside, each room is organised into different areas, which include our well resourced home corners, quiet reading areas, multi-purpose tables and chairs, and carpet area.

Each area might have different uses throughout the day. For example, the tables and chairs may be used for morning tea, then set up for craft activities and games. The carpet area is the main teacher directed learning space, but is also a fantastic place to build with blocks!

Both units have smart boards, and are fully air conditioned.